#2 The "Mere Exposure Effect" is Your Best Marketing Tool

When the FBI or CIA want to recruit a foreign citizen as an asset, our agent has to get somebody to like them enough to spy on their own country. So how could they possibly get somebody to like them that much? Well, the first thing we do is to put our agent in the potential assets neighborhood and life for several months.

They might be jogging in the park when the targeted asset is walking their dog, or they might pass in in the grocery store. Nothing overt or too obvious, we just want the person to see our agent consistently because we are all wired to like that which is familiar. We don't even have to consciously know that someone is familiar to us in order to feel a fondness towards them. It may sound a little hard to believe but it is a very well documented fact of how we are all wired. Now, it's time for you to learn how this phenomenon can become you most powerful marketing tool.