#1 The Foundation of All Great Personal Marketing Is...

Real Estate Agents and Loan Officers, you spent roughly $12 billion of your own money on marketing to generate less than 12% of your business. Meanwhile, three quarters of your business came from your personal brand, from people who "remember you". Being remembered is, hands down, the most important thing you could focus your marketing efforts on. Most of you think you already get all the business there is to be had from people who know you. Nobody would ever forget you, right?

In reality, about 88% of people who would have used you, not only don't use you, they forget your name within 12 months of your last interaction. Roughly 8% to 12% of the people who remember you will use or refer you each year. If you want to do 100 transactions a year, you just need 1000 people who remember you when the need arises.

It is really that simple, there are only two marketing functions, you are either growing a database or you are nurturing one, making new relationships, or strengthening existing ones. Accept that undeniable truth and we can get down to getting you the 500, 1000, 2000 or however may strong contacts you need in order to achieve your goals.