Do You Actually Deserve Success?

If you want to know the true value of something, seriously imagine your world without it. Do this with a number of things and you’ll be surprised how many things wouldn’t be missed by the world at all. How often would you find the world would be a better place without something? Now to really tie your mind up in knots, imagine the world without you in it.

My own children have heard me say “everyday, the world is either better or worse off because you were here.” Many hundreds of times it is quite permanently tattooed on their psyche’s. The same thing works for companies, products, organizations, departments, and services.

Ask yourself these questions:

  • How much would your product or business be missed if it were no longer available?

  • What would people miss the most if your service was no longer offered?

  • What would they use to substitute for your offerings?

  • Five years from now, would they still talk about the good old days when your company was around?

A company is consumer centric when it puts their customer’s interests first while doing a magnificent job at solving their customer’s problems or meeting needs going far beyond the traditional offering. Consumer centric organizations are exceptionally empathic when it comes to knowing what their customers really want. Be transparent, respond to customers, facilitate and encourage dialogue, and make yourself indispensable to your customers. You have to be of great value to people or they won’t care about your business. Being consumer centric is not anything a company or person can do. It is something you simply are or are not at your core.