Marketing coaching CAN multiply the value of YOUR marketing TEAM

If you are looking for executive coaching, the world is full of better-suited coaches than Bill.  

However, if you are a real estate or mortgage industry sales leader, marketing professional or maybe you have a marketing team member who is tasked with growing your business, this will likely be the best money you have ever spent.  

Whether you're a Fortune 500 company CMO or a personal marketing assistant to a mortgage branch or real estate office, you may be able to yield a multiple of prior year results with this brand of marketing coaching or consulting.  

Very few people have a full understanding of the creative approaches, short cuts, tricks and techniques Bill specializes in, so enabling your marketing associates to achieve 2 to 20x the typical rate of return on investment by combining their existing skills with acutely crafted strategic direction is far less difficult than one might imagine.

How to Sign Up for Coaching or Consulting

Bill has a limited 1:1 personal marketing coaching and strategic consulting practice. These services are only appropriate for those with the time and commitment to follow through with what they learn each week from Bill so be honest with yourself before reaching out.  New coaching clients are accepted on a pre-approval basis only so start by reaching out with a little about who you are, what you are currently doing and what you would like to achieve.

The fee for Bill's standard marketing coaching is $2,500/month with a 3 month minimum to ensure a positive outcome. 

For specific projects or accelerated results, consulting services can also be scheduled on-site at your office or online for $2,500/day, including planning and preparation meetings, materials and a follow-up summary and report.  

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