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Marketing Plans are where all growth initiatives need to start.  Bring me loftiest goals and let me show you the way to achieve them.

My favorite thing in the world is sharing, motivating and teaching people to exponentially grow their businesses.

Because marketing managers are way too busy to stay on top of the latest strategic marketing innovations.  


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The most common marketing mistake I see is the bulk scatter approach in which marketing is sprinkled all around with a focus on reaching more people but with no frequency.  Marketing consistently to the same 2000 people weekly, with the right content will yield much hi...

If you've never read the book "Made to Stick", it should be at the top of your list.  The book dives deep into the concept of what makes something sticky or memorable.  Of the seven concepts it covers, the biggest is that we only remember things that are unexpected....

When the FBI or CIA want to recruit a foreign citizen as an asset, our agent has to get somebody to like them enough to spy on their own country.  So how could they possibly get somebody to like them that much?  Well, the first thing we do is to put our agent in the po...

Real Estate Agents and Loan Officers, you spent roughly $12 billion of your own money on marketing to generate less than 12% of your business.  Meanwhile, three quarters of your business came from your personal brand, from people who "remember you".  Being remembered i...

Everyone always says their issue is they need more leads but in reality, what they need is a better approach to converting those leads.  Leads are not the problem, you can buy them or generate them in any of a dozen ways we'll cover here.  

The problem occurs when...

Okay, real bait and with is never a good thing but you need to be baiting your customers with information that will make your competition pull the switch on them.  If you are genuinely one of the true professionals in your space, you need to make sure you are preparing...

We always obsess over finding the right answers, but the real key is finding the right questions; the rest is easy. Since our minds work to solve any questions we give them, one of the keys to strategic creativity is learning how to give our brains the right questions....

Insecurity is one of our biggest psychological drivers. How can we use it to benefit us in the business world, though? Be insecure about criticism. Things which drive you to be consistently better. One of the most creative ways to use insecurities is to move yourself i...

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