Throughout his 25-year career in real estate, financial services and mortgage industries, Bill has conceived, started, marketed, nurtured and grown over a dozen companies with combined revenues north of $1B.


Marketing Strategist

Bill is a ‘master of strategic possibilities’ which is hard to explain but it is right at the heart of his true passion. He looks at the challenges facing the real estate and mortgage industry today and sees the art of the possible. He gets what consumers really want at a deep level, and translates that into an unfair competitive advantage for the real estate agents and mortgage loan officers.


Marketing Coaching and Consulting

Bill channels his intellectual curiosity and his passion for marketing into creative strategies and effective methods to help agents and loan officers succeed in an ever-demanding, increasingly complicated digital landscape. When implemented, Bill’s social media, video and digital marketing approach drives new business opportunities with almost unreasonable speed and consistency. As a business catalyst, Bill coaches mortgage originators and real estate agents to identify and build profitable sales and marketing strategies that can generate sustainable, measurable results.   


Speaking and Training

Bill is a compelling, keynote or motivational speaker, captivating audiences with his passion and intensity on topics such as personal branding, social media mastery, digital and video marketing, digital innovation, creative thinking and business strategy.


For Fun

A confessed adrenalin junkie and “adventure dad’, when not working, you might find Bill racing motorcycles or mountain bikes with his family, skiing down black diamond slopes, parasailing or deep sea fishing.



  • Marketing and Business Strategist

  • Real Estate and Mortgage Marketing Innovator

  • Social Media Guru

  • Personal Branding Expert

  • Motivational Speaker

Bill Hillestad

Entrepreneur. Business Catalyst. Marketing Innovator. Captivating Speaker.